Inverses and one to one functions

This is why I started the EarthCalc blog over the summer -- teaching is always like an oncoming train! With the other things I'm still working on, the weeks have been crazy!! Hopefully things will calm down as the semester progresses.

Well, my running in the mountains went pretty well. I'm a slow runner and the 11,000 foot altitude made me slower. This issue of getting enough oxygen is pretty important.

My previous worksheets on altitude and pressure talked about linear functions, power functions versus exponentials, and deriving the equations themselves, which was pretty sophisticated. This one has two pages (if printed duplex) asking basic questions about one-to-one functions and inverse functions. Interestingly, while atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude (monotonically if not constantly), temperature decreases and then increases due to the sun's warmth. Funky stuff happens at the very outer edges of the atmosphere, which we don't discuss. (But check out the leaky atmosphere worksheet if you're interested!)

I'll put up answers to this soon but wanted to get the worksheet out first. Here it is:

Inverses: Altitude

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