A few updates:

  • The book is just about ready. I've been updating it at Leanpub, and it's your last chance to grab it before it goes on sale at Amazon and elsewhere!
  • Job changes: as of January I've started a full-time position at the University of Minnesota, working with MCFAM. There I'm involved with teaching, research, and online education. What does this mean for you? While I'm more busy in some ways, there has been a freeing of psychic energy and that may manifest in more posts 🙂
  • Last, I've gotta expand beyond calculus. There may be some probability or linear algebra mixed in here!

My spring goal is to post regularly (max once a week, though), and to this end I'll start with some links on bees again. More research keeps coming out about possible causes in the decline of the bee populations world-wide, and there are many indications that a lot of factors have come together to contribute to the bee trouble.

Since it's spring, you might consider planting bee and butterfly-friendly plants when you have a chance! It's not too hard to upgrade the insect-friendliness of your yard. In Minnesota, check out the U of MN resources on bee-friendliness. Other places will have different suggested plants. And look out for future Monday posts on EarthCalculus, starting with bees and butterflies!


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